In 2017, a public-private partnership agreement was signed between the akimat of Almaty and "Zhas Kyran children's and Youth Football Center "LLP"specialized children's and youth School of the Olympic Reserve No. 2 in Almaty ("Sputnik") "management of the property complex of the municipal state enterprise".In June 2018, the reconstruction of the facility of the state enterprise "specialized children's and youth School of the Olympic Reserve No. 2" (Sputnik) began.


  • reconstruction of the main field, followed by obtaining a UEFA certificate, as well as replacing the grass cover of the auxiliary football fields;
  • restoration of the building of the physical culture and Recreation Complex (FOC );
  • seismic reinforcement with restoration work and installation of a metal roof of the podium for 800 seats under the podium premises;
  • as well as work on the improvement of the adjacent territory.

Work was carried out on the installation of a drainage system on football fields, the purchase of grass cover of the latest generation of the firm "Italgreen" (Italy), the expansion of the main football field to standard sizes, the purchase of rubber pellets, as well as in the part of the work itself on the installation of football fields.

Work on the building was carried out in parallel with work on the football fields. A cosmetic repair was carried out on the Fok. Aluminum windows were installed. The roof was also repaired. The light bulbs were replaced.


The grandstand building with a grandstand was built in 1971 and major intervention was required to restore it, as the building was in disrepair. Seismic reinforcement of the foundations and all load-bearing walls and structural elements (columns, crossbars, etc.) was carried out. during the restoration, only new construction technologies, materials, structures and technological equipment were used.

The podium premises are designed taking into account the convenience of children, visitors, technical and administrative staff. Currently, under the stand there are 2 large changing rooms for 25 people with a shower room and bathrooms. There are also classrooms for coaches, rooms for storing football equipment, as well as other classrooms for the full-fledged operation of the Football Center. Plastic seats were installed in the grandstand for the convenience of spectators with 800 seats, as well as a canopy along the entire length and width of the grandstand.


In addition, 2 lighting masts with powerful floodlights were installed and the lighting spotlights on the existing masts were replaced to make the children more comfortable in the evening as well as in accordance with the certification rules of the site, which makes it possible to practice in the evening. The work was completed on time and the official opening took place on October 20, 2018. Currently, the Football Center is fully operational, which allows the pupils of the center to train at full strength and participate in various tournaments and win. In 2021, Jas Qyran nominated a team to participate in the Kazakhstan Football Championship among the teams of the second league of the 2021 season.